M C Taylor is a married mum with two children and two goofy black labradors. Prior to parenthood, she loved to travel the world and even spent time living in Hong Kong and Sydney, encountering many interesting people and experiences along the way. After many years working in a variety of jobs including being a holistic therapist, a customer services manager for a health chain and working at a preschool, she finally decided it was time to concentrate on turning her passion for writing into her career. The publishing of her first novel, Chaperones – Agency Erotica: Grace’s Story truly was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

M C Taylor likes to write in many genres including contemporary fiction, romance and suspense and likes to explore the dynamics between people, their relationships, ups and downs of life, battling demons and their downfalls and successive fight-back. Chaperones has a strong story-line and characters running through it and encompasses themes such as friendship, love, lust, vulnerability, persuasion and danger.

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